CORONAVIRUS - With Effect from Monday 15th June we will be reopening our office but due to the outbreak and our need to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, the office will be running on a reduced number of staff. The office number and each member of staffs direct dial will still be in place.
Kudos Insurance - Travel Insurance Update: Coronavirus COVID-19




Travel Insurance Update: Coronavirus COVID-19

Posted on 06/03/2020 in General

Will I be covered if I contract Coronavirus and need to cancel my trip?
Yes, you are covered for unforeseen cancellation of your trip. For a valid claim to be processed you will require a medical certificate from a doctor confirming that you were not well enough to travel.

I don't want to travel due to Coronavirus, can I cancel my holiday and claim on my Travel Insurance?
No, disinclination to travel is not covered as an insured peril. In the first instance you should contact your tour operator or transport and accommodation provider to request a refund of the costs or to change the dates of your trip.

Some of our insurers will allow us to amend the dates or destination on your policy provided an alternative trip is booked/confirmed (terms may apply). If your trip has been cancelled due to Coronavirus insurers may offer a part of full refund of the policy.

If I contract Coronavirus when I'm on holiday will I be covered on my Travel Insurance for medical treatment?
Yes, unforeseen medical expenses and repatriation cover is included on our policies provided a full and accurate declaration was made at the time of purchase.

Can I still choose to travel if the FCO advises against it?
No, none of our policies cover customers under any section if they decide to travel against the advice of the FCO. You can stay up to date with the latest travel advice here.

Am I covered if I want to cut my trip short due to Coronavirus fears?
No, in the first instance you should contact your tour operator or transport and accommodation for their advice. If you are in a destination which is impacted by the virus you should follow advice of the local authorities.

Please note that we are continuing to monitor the ever-evolving situation and the above advice is correct at the time of publishing, however it is subject to change.

You can use the following link to stay up-to-date with the latest Coronavirus developments.